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Buy Homemade Flavored Bratwurst in Dousman, Waukesha County
What bratwurst flavors do you want to grill tonight in Dousman?

Do you need something special for your dinner or weekend event in Dousman, Waukesha County? Buy our homemade flavored bratwurst to satisfy any of your wildest cookout cravings. Made with fresh ingredients at our full service meat case, our brat flavors cover everything from good old-fashioned traditional seasonings to hard-to-find specialty flavors like Sriracha Onion.
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Some examples of our other unique flavored bratwurst include:

Honey BBQ
Pepper Cheese
Buffalo Wing

Don’t miss one of our favorite homemade flavors we like to call Packer! Green pepper and Wisconsin Golden cheddar cheese make a fitting tribute to the best football team in the country.
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What about classic Ethnic Bratwurst?
They are all on the menu at Glenn’s: Italian, German, Hungarian, and Polish. We also have Chorizo Sausage and Irish Bangers. And don’t forget about our Greek Bratwurst that tastes like a Gyro—filled with lamb, pork, and seasoning.
Looking for a truly unique flavor?
Ever had a Reuben sandwich in a brat? Our Reuben Sausage blends sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and 1000 Island Dressing for a mouth-watering old world taste.

We also have several fruit/bratwurst combinations that create an incredible sweet & savory sensation, like apple, cranberry, or cherry!
Do you need a Healthy Choice?
If you love brats but want a healthier alternative, we have plenty of options. Our zesty Chicken Supreme Bratwurst features a chicken brat with red & white onions and green & red peppers. Our Jalapeño Chicken adds flavor and fire for a moist and delicious sausage. And we have three kinds of turkey brats for a leaner, meaner choice—regular, Italian, and Cajun. You don’t have to give up flavor with our Healthy Choice brats!

Glenn’s Market & Catering has over 20 years experience making homemade bratwurst with an endless amount of fantastic flavors. Call us today to enjoy our meat case, deli, soups, sandwiches and more!
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