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Raw Diet Pet Food in Burnett, 53922
Have you tried Raw Diet Pet Food for your dog?

Burnett, 53922 dogs love a raw food diet because it consists of muscle meat, organ meat, bones, and vegetables. In other words, everything dogs enjoy eating!

And while your pets will no doubt find it delicious, the real idea behind this kind of diet is that grain-based commercial pet foods might be harmful to a dog's health, given that dogs in the wild don't eat this kind of processed food.
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What are the benefits of a raw diet for my pet?
Many health benefits have been reported, with the leading benefit being a shinier coat and cleaner teeth. But some others include:

- Healthier skin
- Better breath
- Improved digestion
- Higher energy levels
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What's the best way to serve this kind of pet food?
Serving it "as is" can be a popular way, keeping with the raw tradition. But some pet owners combine their pet food with organic rice, depending on their pets' dietary needs.
What kinds of freeze dried treats and raw diet pet food are available?
Glenn's has an enormous variety of flavors and meats for your pet! We literally have 35 feet of frozen pet food and 18 kinds of dried pet treats, with all USDA INSPECTED MEAT. From an all-beef blend or all-chicken pet food to duck necks and raw pig ears, we've got it covered.

A small sample of what we have to offer:

- Beef Oxtails (treats)
- Chicken Chips (treats)
- Dry Roasted Duck Nuggets (treats)
- Chicken Liver (dog food)
- Lamb Hearts (dog food)
- Smoked Pipe Bones (dog food)

Glenn's Market & Catering has decades of experience in pet food and freeze dried treats for Burnett, 53922 households and businesses.

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